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Custom High Performance Indicator for Metatrader
Volume Scalper indicator - Using Volume and Pattern Recognition

The volume scalper indicator represents our newest and most accurate forex trading indicator. The volume scalper indicator uses Volume Spread Analysis ( VSA) and pattern recognition to provide to the trader a very precise trade entry unlike any other indicator. The volume Scalper indicator will help beginner to advanced traders find the best entry possible which will result in a profitable trade. Get it Free here

No Repainting of Arrows

Unlike many indicators, the volume scalper does not repaint the arrows it shows you on the chart. Each arrow you see is an actual trade entry. The no repainting is due to the fact that the Volume Scalper uses two different and unrelated trading principles to enter the trade. Once the volume of a candle is determined it is something that does not change as time goes forward. Pattern recognition also is a static feature of the forex market and once the engulfing pattern appears it does not change. This make the volume scalper a very reliable trading tool.

Watch Video of actual trading with the Volume Scalper Here


When all of the conditions are met for a trade the Volume Scalper indicator will pop up an alert box telling you it may be time to trade.

Trade Arrows

Arrows will show on the chart telling you when to enter the trade. These arrows will stay there and not repaint the past.

Trade Example 1

Scalping with Volume Scalper Indicator on 5 minute chart of EURUSD using Williams Percent Range Indicator for Exit

Trade Example 2

60 minute chart of EURUSD with the Volume Scalper Indicator attached.

Trade Example 2

Volume Scalper indicator on USDCAD shows the 60 pips trading entry. As volume spiked and then decreased the bearish egulfing pattern confirmed the traded entry resulting in an highly profitable trade on 5 minute chart

Trading in the off exchange retail foreign currency market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions. The possibility exists that you could sustain a substantial loss of funds and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies and DigitalNet LLC is not liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of Destiny software..

Disclaimer: Trading the forex market with or without using leverage is risky. One should not use funds which he or she can not afford to lose. Past performance is not always a good indication of what will occur in the future.

What's New?

30 Pips Indicator

30 pips indicator is a powerful new custom indicator that calculates the exact trade entry for you. It uses the best 3 trade setups and alerts you to the trade opportunity. GET A FREE TRIAL This indicator automatically uses pivot points, moving averages and CCI and factors them into the trade. This give you the highest probability of the very best trade entry. You can get a free trial and try it for yourself. Works at any broker that uses the Metatrader platform. This indicator will show you when to get into the market when a big move is coming. If you want this indicator for unlimited use we have a program that will let you have it free.

New Premium Indicator for Metatrader!

Volume Scalper is a next generation custom indicator that takes into account volume and pattern recognition to alert you to the highest probability trade opportunities. GET A FREE TRIAL This indicator is so advanced you will have to try it out and see what it can do for your trading. Volume is the key element that drives the forex market and this indicator will alert you at the best time for the most profitable trading opportunities.

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