Instructions for upgrading to Conquest 2008




Installing the Conquest-2008 over the old conquest 


Follow these instructions to complete the upgrade to 2008

  • Save the new conquest 2008 to the experts folder of your metatrader

    Close the metatrader and then re-open it.

  • In the navigator window click on the Conquest-2008

    You will see the box open that shows all of the inputs.

  • Click the inputs tab. Set close all orders to True.  Do not set close all trades to True.  Leave that one alone

  • Click the common tab.  Check the box that says “allow live trading”

    Click OK.

  • Wait for all of  the orders to close.  After they have closed,

    left click on the smiley face at the top left of your screen.

  • You will see the box open up. Click the inputs tab.   Set close all orders to false.

    Click OK.

  • You will see all of the orders open up for you.  The new conquest opens

    up 300 orders now and are spaced close together.  You will have even more chance forprofit with this new conquest 2008.