Trading plan for Conquest and Conquest-correlator






Trading plan


Our goal


Make money.  That is all we are here to do.  You will be one of the lucky few who have ever made money trading on the forex. 

 Why do they lose?  They do not have the tools.   You now have the tools to be successful in this fast paced and dynamic business. 

 You will receive 2 expert advisors in your email.  Why 2 and not just 1?  We need to be realistic.  The market is like a river. 

If you put your hand in it once you can never put it back in the same place.  Knowing that we will take advantage of it and make money.


The #1 rule in successful forex trading?  PATIENCE   If we get greedy the evil forex monster will take our money. 

 If you follow these instructions below you cannot help but make money.  So be smart and above all be patient.   


Getting started


Thank you for your purchase of  Conquest expert advisor.  Right now we use the EUR/GBP currency pair to trade using the Conquest.

 You can start right away using the Conquest on the EUR/GBP.  It only works on  this currency pair.  Read all of the instructions below

so you have the best way to make money trading with the Conquest series of expert advisors.




Using the Conquest



First open up a EUR/GBP chart.  Any time frame is good


Go to the navigator window and click on the Conquest. It will appear.

You will see inputs that have default settings already there.


      Important!  You have a mini account if for 1 lot each pip is worth 1 dollar

                     You have a standard account if for 1 lot each pip is worth 10 dollars

                    Failure to recognize this feature will lose you money so be very careful.  Ask your broker if

                    you are not sure.  If your pip value is different do not trade.  Go to next step below.


              Input name                                        Default        

                                                                           Setting                                                      Description

Mini account   Important!


If you have a mini account set to trueStandard account leave as false  SEE ABOVE!

Close all trades


You can close all of the open trades if you set to true

Close all orders


You can close all of the open orders if you set to true

Hedge Trade Percentage    1.0 Explanation:
  • This is a large trade that is placed if the price were to trend out of the trading range.  When it is set to 1.0 the size of the hedge trade will be equal in size to the trades that are open currently.  Your account will be in a neutral state once this hedge opens.  Example:  If you are in 1 lot of open trades that are buys then the hedge will be a 1 lot trade as a sell once it opens.    If changed to 0.5, the hedge will be 50% of the current open trades or 0.5 lots in this case.   You can also make it larger.  If you set it to 2.0 it will open a trade that is times larger then the value of the current open trades.  You can do this if you think the trend will continue up or down and you want to try to grab some profit out of this strong trend.


Hedge Margin Level  200 If account drops down to this level the hedge trade will be activated.

Important:  do not set this below 105 as at this level you cannot open a hedge trade anymore.  You will have to close out some trades to get your margin back to this level before the hedge trade will be able to open. 

Hedge Stop Loss   25 This is how many pips the hedge trade has to come back into grid to close out the hedge trade
Hedge Take Profit 100 A profit target for the hedge trade which will let you choose how much profit you want to take on the hedge trade if it keeps going out of grid




Check the box that says allow live trading.    Click on OK.  You will see Conquest open up a grid.  

You will see the price weaving through the dynamic grid and giving you profit.  This is the way Conquest works.

 It will start compounding your  money as you make more profit.  Initially you will

experience a small drawdown.  This is only short term.  Those trades will close for profit. 

Once they do the compounding of your profit  will start every $100 you earn. 

If you need a description on how to get the expert advisor to work  go to 



Price blocker  - Automatic hedging of your account


The price blocker is a hedge trade that is put on to protect your account from a sudden and sustained  trend.  Conquest will put

a hedge trade on when both of these following conditions are met.  If the margin goes down to a specified level ( See Hedge Margin Level above)

AND the price moves out of the trading range which is the top or the bottom of the grid. At this time conquest will put on a trade

opposite of the current trades you are in so your account is hedged  You can set the Hedge Margin Level to any value

and also choose the size of the hedge trade by using the Hedge Trade Percentage.   When you see on your screen Hedge

Trade: No  it means that their is no hedge trade opened.  If you see it yes then a hedge has been put on.  See above

for the conditions necessary for the hedge to be opened.




Manually hedging your account against loss.


As you know, Conquest is a counter trend strategy.  It must go into drawdown before it can make you profits.

There will be times when your drawdown can be quite high.  To prevent a margin call you need to be able

to place a large hedge trade equal to the number of lots you are currently in going the opposite way.

This will put your account into a neutral position.  You will need to wait until the price comes back into the trading range

or the grid as you see it.  When this happens you have the option of removing the hedge trade.  At this point

the hedge would have created some loss but not enough to cause a large loss.    This is important to understand

when you are trading a counter trend strategy such as the conquest.  If .  The forex market can move so fast that there are times that a large trade

cannot be entered in time to prevent loss.  This is why their are times when you need to do a small amount of managing

your account as this can happen. 



Bonus Software Conquest-Correlator


This expert advisor takes advantage of the interest paid when you buy 2 correlated currency pairs.  It is the world's most advanced correlation

 expert advisor.  This is a super safe trading method that makes a lot of money too.  You will get the interest paid and get to grab profit when

 you are in the positive zone.  This will protect your money and make you money.  You have the best of both worlds.  



Right now is the pefect time to start Conquest   Why?  Because The EUR/GBP is near the top of the trading range and you will be doing sells.

That means you will make money!     The conquest will  make you money and you can use it at any time.   Some people like to wait until the center of the grid which is 0.6990 before turning on Conquest.  I believe for me that the right time is now!    Let conquest do the work for you.  That is what it is designed to do.    

You cannot use both the Conquest and the Conquest-correlator at the same time on the same account.  If you want to use

 them both you just need to fund two separate InterbankFX accounts.  Which is easy to do. If you have a separate account use can use

the  Conquest-Correlator to make additional money.


This is an expert advisor that is extremely safe to use.  Safe?  Yes.  It will make you a ton of INTEREST just to start with. 

We will buy the EUR/USD and buy the USD/CHF at the same exact time.  The software will do this for you. You will

collect SWAP points, which is another word for interest.  When we buy both of these currency pairs we will make

 interest. And, if there is profit to be taken we will grab it too as a very nice bonus.  This will make you 10-30 percent

per month on your money which is wonderful.

The safest pairs to trade are the EUR/USD and the USD/CHF.  We will BUY them both or go long on both as is normally said. 

They move in opposite directions or are correlated negatively.  This is good.

We buy them both at the same time and our money is protected all the while earning interest.  The Conquest-correlator

will grab the profit if the price between the two diverges in the positive direction.  This divergence will make us money consistently.



You can get the most recent correlation data from this website.  look at the correlation for the EUR/USD and

 the USD/CHF in the daily area on this website. The EUR/USD and the USD/CHF are correlated currently at 73  this is a good time to start the correlator..


The best time to  trade is when the correlation between the two pairs is below -.90    You do not want to trade when the correlation is -.96 for example.  Why?

 Because that means the pairs are perfectly correlated.  You will have to wait maybe several weeks to get your cash grab.  I like to get it as soon as possible. 

So wait for the 5 hour correlation to be below -.90  that is a minus sign next to the .90 you see.  An excellent time to enter the market would be when the correlation is

-.86 and lower.  You can make the most money at this time.  That means that the pairs are seriously out of correlation but they will return.

to being in correlation and you will be positioned to grab the cash when the currency pairs get back in synch.  The nice thing is evern if you have to wait for a week

to get the cash grab you are still earning interest at a high rate.



 Wwhen the EURUSD goes up the USD/CHF goes down.  You are therefore hedged.  You will make money from the difference in interest .  You can

 see the interest rates or swap points that InterbankFX is paying by going here. 

See that when you buy the EUR/USD your are paying $6.55 interest per 1 standard lot.  When you buy the USD/CHF you are

getting paid  $9.90 in interest per 1 standard lot.  So when you buy them both at the same time you are netting  $3.35. 

The interest is paid 5 days a week but on Wednesday you get triple interest to make up for the market being closed on the weekend. 

  Keep an eye on this as interest rates may change in the future.  They have not in a long time but you never know. 



Getting paid interest is nice but profit does not end there.  The Conquest-correlator will grab profit once the currency pairs diverge.   See above.


 They will not always be in perfect synch with each other.  So when the EUR/USD and the USD/CHF are out of synch with their

movement and are showing a net profit.



Go to the navigator window and click on the Conquest-correlator. It will appear.

You will see inputs that have default settings already there.


The ones you need to know are in this chart.


   Input Name             Default setting                                                        Description




If you want to run this on an another currency pair at the same time you need to change this

 to another number



This must be set to true or no trades will start..  Set  this to false after it opens up trades and you see them on the

metatrader    Remember if  you leave this set to true it will automatically enter a new trade once old one's are closed



If f you have a mini account put a small "m" next to the EURUSD symbol so it looks like this EURUSDm

 If you have a standard account do not use the small "m"    This is the first currency pair selected.  You can choose

others but these are safest by far.  



True means you are going long.  For default pairs you need to set to true



If you have a mini account put a small "m" next to the USDCHF symbol so it looks like this USDCHFm  If you have

a standard account do not use the small "m"   This is the second currency pair.selected.

  EURUSD and USDCHF are correlated



True means you are going long



If you set this to lower you will take profit more often.  You can set this to 10 and you will get more

 frequent cash grabs.

  I like a setting around 10  to  20



If set to true you will be using pips to close (see ProfitTarget above)  If you set to false then you

will be using a dollar amount.  Best to use pips.  That way you will get interest and cash grabs

 giving you more total profit.



Leave setting at true



This setting determines how much or your account to risk.  20 means you are risking 20 percent of

your account.  You can go slightly higher than this up to 25 is fine.  You can go higher if you

do not mind that you will be getting a larger drawdown but you will make more interest and

 more profit.  This is up to your own trading style.



This setting when true will automatically take profit.  Leave it at true



If you set to true you can receive an email every hour.  This is good for monitoring your computer. 

 If you do not get the email then your computer must be off.






Manual closing of trades using the Conquest-correlator


If you want , feel free to close the trades when they are in profit.  However you want to get the interest you earned if you carried the

trade overnight for a while.  So if your interest is 20 dollars make sure you do not close out the trades at a profit of only 10 dollars

 or you would have wasted your interest.  It is best most of the time to just let the Conquest-correlator handle the closing of the trades.

 But as always, this is up to you. 


Remember, if you see that for some odd reason that the Conquest-correlator did not close out both of the trades you are in after 

 being in profit, you need to close the one manually.  This happens rarely but nothing in the trading world is perfect.  If you see

this then close out the trade immediately or you could lose money.  If you do close the trades the Conquest-correlator will

re-open new ones.  You will pay the spread again on the currency pairs again.