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Click the chart above to see the recent performance of Conquest.  See for your self.  99 percent winning trades. In just 12 months, Conquest expert advisor software grew $10,000  to an astonishing $87,924.   Conquest did this safely with very little drawdown.  To see what this kind of return can get you in only a few years click here. Only trading the forex market can give you this kind of leverage and profit potential on a small investment. 

   Conquer the forex market

For the first time ever a professionally written, ultra intelligent expert advisor for trading the forex market is released to the public. Other web sites out there offer "forex trading signals" or forex training courses are total scams.  Avoid them all.   They just want to take your money and run.  Worst of all none of them work-EVER!  That we can guarantee.  You now have a choice. Only Conquest can make you money consistently over the longer term.   Our money back guarantee will show you how real the software is.


     Compound your profit
Conquest will compound your profits so you continually pyramid your money higher.  As your profit grows Conquest will open larger trades so your money is always working and gathering momentum.  This feature sets Conquest apart from other trading software.   Conquest opens up trades that are in line with the size of your account and will only open larger trades as your account balance grows.  We want you to make money and retire rich and happy.  That is our mission.  
  Start trading with only $250
Conquest software can be used with only a very small investment of only $250 deposited into your forex brokerage account. Of course the more money you start with the faster you will achieve your goals.  To make the most money you need to open an account by using this link.  We will even rebate you 50 dollars if you open up a live trading account from our link.  You have nothing to lose.  Get started making real money right now.


    Call us and ask questions
This is very likely the opportunity you have been waiting for.  You will have questions and we can answer them.  We will give you information on  how to be financially free and work from your own home using this brand new software.  Once you try it you will be a believer.  You have nothing to lose so get started!  Call us at 440-449-0291 we will answer any questions you have.


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Conquesttm expert advisor software trades the forex market for you like nothing else you have ever seen. Just turn on your computer and let this software do all of the work.  No prior currency trading is required for you to make truly amazing profits in the forex marketplace. The Conquest expert advisor software opens and closes  trades 24 hours a day piling up profits. As the price moves Conquest is ready to take a profit,  Conquest will grab it. Making you money.


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Features of Conquest Expert Advisor Software    Get started

Conquest features: 

  • Highest winning trade percentage of any expert advisor software
  • Make money with no prior training
  • Tremendous growth potential unlike any other trading method
  • Automatically compounds your profits as account grows
  • Designed to run unattended.  Just turn it on and let it trade.
  • Intelligent timing to enter trades so you get the maximum profit
  • No charts pr graphs to read
  • Extremely simple to setup.  Start trading in minutes.
  • All you need is a computer to get started





Just open  the software and let Conquest open and close winning trades for you. No need to sit in front of your computer. It never sleeps all the while making you money.  Conquest does all of the work necessary to keep making you the most money possible. For the first time ever, you need no prior training to make money in the forex currency trading market.   After opening a live trading account you will be able to use the Conquest software and  get started changing your life for the better.  Conquest is just getting started.  Making money does not end there...




With patent pending technology Conquest will only open trades where the highest potential profit can be taken.  This is done by using  the markets movement  and placing the correct size trades that match your trading account balance.  Conquest only opens up trades in a size that is in synch with how much money you have in your account.  Never more.  You have the least risk and the best possible chance of making the most money you can given the account balance you currently have.   Once the optimal trade size is opened Conquest will wait until a preset profit target is reached and  the trade is closed and the money added to your account balance.  As you make more money Conquest will open larger trades, compounding your gains, giving you even more  profit.


 No other expert advisor software can compare to Conquest

All other expert advisors will lose your money, period.  Some can make you 100% in one month (with huge risk)  but then the next month you have lost every penny in your account when you get a margin call.  Conquest makes money consistently while only placing small trades and not risking your entire account.   Why risk it all when you can make consistent money? 





  Conquest does everything for you.  You can withdraw your profits at any time and use them to pay bills or have fun.  It can be your personal money machine.  Once a week (or more often if you want)  you can request a transfer to your bank account.  Or keep the money you made in your forex trading account and let the Conquest pyramid it to even more money.  The choice is yours.    Enter your name and email above and you will receive updates on how to make money with Conquest.





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 Master the forex market and make it your personal money machine.  Conquest expert advisor will take the guesswork out of trading.









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