basic forex trading wih an expert advisor




Using an Expert advisor

A good expert advisor can make you a lot of money trading on the forex market.  This is  just an example of a basic expert advisor which you can test out and see how it works.  This is not designed for trading live.  If you want a top quality expert advisor click here Download Demo and get a demo of how a professional expert advisor works and makes money.

  • Go to the folder you downloaded the files to and install the Metatrader
  •  Designed  to be the most consistently profitable trading method
  • All trades are closed only when a net profit is reached
  • Small trades are stacked above and below the current price.  It makes no difference which way the market moves to profit.
  • Average of approximately 5 trades per day are opened and closed
  • Once preset profit target is reached  trades are closed at a profit and added to your account balance
  • As you make more money the trades get larger so you keep pyramiding your money for even larger gains 











Disclaimer: Trading the forex market with or without using leverage is risky. One should not use funds which he or she can not afford to lose. Past performance is often not a good indication of what will occur in the future.